#7 – What Does God Say About The Things We Have?

Hello and welcome to our podcast! Thanks for taking the time to listen – we would love to hear your feedback (including better jokes and topic suggestions).

There are some response questions underneath the podcast. We would encourage you to do those, whether you write them down or just think about them.

The podcast will appear on Soundcloud first, episodes may be slightly delayed in getting onto Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

1. Is there something you could do right now to help someone else out? Could you buy pencils for a friend at school that always loses theirs? Could you give away an old toy to a brother or sister? Could you buy cans of vegetables for a food pantry? Could you sponsor a Compassion child?

2. Pray and ask God to help show you the things He has given you in your life that you can use to bless others.

3. Look for Bible verses that mention the word “steward” – research what it means and how that relates to you.

4. Talk with an adult about how you can take your responses from question 1 and put them into action.

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