#5 – What Does God Say About How He Feels About You?

Hello and welcome to our podcast! Thanks for taking the time to listen – we would love to hear your feedback (including better jokes – like the Randall’s today – and topic suggestions).

There are some response questions underneath the podcast. We would encourage you to do those, whether you write them down or just think about them.

The podcast will appear on Soundcloud first, episodes may be slightly delayed in getting onto Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

1. Can you remember a time when you have had questions about who God made you to be, or were confused about the purpose for your life?

2. Pray right now for God to open your eyes to who He is and for your life to be centered on Him, and that through that you would see His heart and purpose for you.

3. Research different Bible verses that talk about how God feels towards people – write down how they should impact how we live.

4. Talk with an adult and ask them if they have ever struggled with their identity and the purpose for their life.

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