#1 – What Does God Say About Worry?

Hello and welcome to our new podcast! Thanks for taking the time to listen – we would love to hear your feedback (including better jokes and topic suggestions.

There are some response questions underneath the podcast. We would encourage you to do those, whether you write them down or just think about them.

The podcast will appear on Soundcloud first, episodes may be slightly delayed in getting onto Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

1. Is there anything you are currently worried or anxious about. If so, what?

2. Pray right now for God to help you with that – He may not fix a problem that you see but ask Him to carry the load with you!

3. Read Psalm 27:1 – what does this tell you about worry?

4. Talk with an adult about what your answer for question number one.


  1. Less annoying music please. LoL
    Charissa would like to know something that Mrs. Kaicee says that confuses you Mr. Jared.


    • You guys must have gotten an error – there wasn’t any annoying music on the one that I listened to… haha!

      That is a great point – it is not always me that is the confusing one!


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