Bible Sleuth

As somebody who didn’t grow up in the Bible belt, I always enjoyed going to Christian stores when I visited Texas and seeing gimmicky items such as “testamints” among many other christian knock-offs. Still to this day I’ll see something like that and laugh – though I am sometimes impressed by the creative approach to making something “secular” “christian”. I use those terms in speech marks because I am not exactly sure which category regular mints would fit in.

A few months ago, I was browsing and saw these books and picked up two copies of each. I got them for about $6.50 each in a sale, which was a really good price, for an original listing of $12.99.

So, basically, it’s Where’s Waldo for church kids, because finding Waldo would be bad news, I guess? Anyway, it’s totally different, because this guy is called Mike. But seriously, it is a great idea and for sure kids will love this. In fact, I gave two of these away as prizes and know that those kids were super excited! I remember being a kid and having a similar book about ancient Rome and it was one of my favorites. Side note: in England it is Wally you are trying to find, not Waldo (though he is the same person, I believe.)

These books (both Old and New Testament) take a brilliant approach to engaging kids. A double page spread of incredible illustrations centers around a story/time from the Bible. There is a short description and scripture reference, alongside a pictorial list of items to find, alongside our new pal Mike. I think this would be a really cool thing for parents and kids to sit down and look at together, with parents able to fill in a wider-context of the pictures as the family searches for images.

You can purchase the books separately, but here is a link for the New Testament version on Amazon and ChristianBook.

– Jared Simpson

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