The Pocket Bible Doodle Book


Right now, as seems to happen every now and then, I have four piles of books on my desk that are on my list to read, or having read to share here. Fifteen books. My intention is to share reviews of the ones I have read before Christmas, starting today!

The Pocket Bible Doodle Book

Alright so if I’m totally honest with you, I picked up this book at LifeWay and flipped to check the back cover – $10. For something advertised as a doodle book, at first-glance that price seemed steep.

I began to look through it, and subsequently put it in my basket. Not only that, but I snapped a picture and texted it to one of the elders at our church – his 2nd grade son’s birthday was coming up and I was convinced this would make a great gift and wanted him to know. He got it, and I have seen him carrying it several times.

This book is genius, and could be used at any time, but immediately my mind was drawn to how kids could utilize this in church. We offer Kid’s Church for K-3rd, and it is purely optional. We have some older kids who sometimes want to stay in “big church”, and I will always be excited about that (unless they all do, and then I need to go back to the drawing board). We offer different activities, note templates, and paper to help our kids that remain in worship when they choose, as well as on the Sundays that we all do, because ideally we would like for kids to be occupied with something vaguely related to Jesus (though sometimes it is just about making it through). That’s why I think this book could be perfect to whip out during those times.

Each page has the beginning of an idea, the start of a drawing and a few words, to begin nudging the child’s imagination and get them thinking about something related to the Bible. Here are a few examples:

  • Joseph was sold to a caravan of merchants. What were they carrying on their camels? (Accompanied by drawing of camels for kids to draw merchants and cargo, if they wish)
  • God promised Samson strength as long as he didn’t cut his hair. Finish the drawing. (Accompanied by two eyes on the page)
  • Draw the scene where the fish spit Jonah onto dry land.

This book is packed full of ideas to occupy kids, picked from many different Bible stories. I love it, and I think any child that is creative and enjoys drawing/coloring would too.

You can pick up The Pocket Bible Doodle Book at LifeWay, ChristianBook or Amazon.

– Jared Simpson

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