The Big Picture of What God Has Always Wanted

If you know me, you’ll know that the Big Picture family of resources from Gospel Project is my favorite range for kids and families. This is a small (in length) but big (in size) that was written in response to the question “What is the Bible really about anyway?” that the author was asked by an adult, and led Him to considering how children respond to Jesus – through seeing and understanding the narrative of the Bible.

This storybook is one story, telling THE story of the Bible. Starting at creation, walking through the law and leading to the arrival of the promised messiah, before visiting Jesus’ earthly ministry, death and resurrection, showing the repaired and restored relationship between man and God as “what God has always wanted”.

This book would be a great one to read over with older preschoolers and younger elementary kids, with the pictures being a draw for older preschoolers for sure. I think this book is great for parents because it is straight to the point – this is what the Bible is about, this is why it’s important to our family and why I want it to be important to you.

As always, there is a Parent Connection towards the back to encourage parents as they walk through this, and the gospel, with their kids. I also really, really like that there is a glossary at the end, that could be understood by kids, aimed at helping them get their head around words they would have heard in the story, and commonly used at church.

This is a simple but fantastic resource, and I have three that I am going to give away to Normandale families! More on that later.

Now, in a brief search I was only able to find an ebook version of this item listed on the usual sites I recommend, but Amazon does sell used copies.

– Jared Simpson

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