What About Kids Ministry

It’s been about a year since this book was released, and I have had it for just about as long. It’s been one that I have picked up and read a chapter or two on a plane home, a couple more on a train to London last Christmas, and then as I neglected my personal endeavors to develop professionally while focussing on summer events I found myself only just finishing it today. Don’t let that lack of urgency to finish fool you – this is the best children’s ministry book I have ever read. Should I be in the position to ever mentor someone or bring an addition to our kidmin staff, a copy of this book would be waiting for them.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Bill several times, and listen to the Kids Ministry 101 Podcast regularly, and so was greatly excited when he revealed this book was to be released, not only because of his voice, but the many faithful leaders that contributed to this stellar resource.

The blurb on the reverse sells this book perfectly:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with a room full of seasoned kids ministry leaders with nothing but time and a list of questions to ask?

That is exactly what this book was about – a wide-ranging set of questions answered by ministry experts with so many incredible nuggets of wisdom! In fact, that is why I was compelled to slow down with this book. I desired to read and read because I felt like I was constantly learning and pondering, but, it would have been foolish if I neglected to take some of the things I was learning and adjust my ministry leadership. So, I took some time to do that at various stages, and then dipped back in when I was ready to ponder on something else.

The book is split into chapters, introduced by Bill drawing on his experience, with a theme and then is divided into smaller sections (ranging from a page to two or three) diving into specific areas relevant to the theme. It is perfect, in that I have had times sitting down and reading for an hour and times when I have read for five minutes. Sometimes five minutes is all you get, but even in that short time I have felt like I learned something.

Expect to learn about vision, policy, families, administration, building a team, kids, families, the gospel, and, honestly in my opinion (due to my own negligence in this area) the most important, looking after yourself.

If you are a kids ministry leader and have not read this book, do it! You can check out a preview of the book here. If you aren’t convinced enough already, reach out to me and I will even buy it for you! It is that good. If you are a pastor, buy this for your kidmin staff.

You can find the book at LifeWay, Christian Book or Amazon.

– Jared Simpson

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