Exploring the Bible

I went to LifeWay this week and was beginning to think about our upcoming New Believer’s Class in September – we have seen an incredible movement of God this summer through our ministry events and through families discipling their kids at home, and so I am expecting a good number of families to join the class in September. I always try to present resources in the final session that could help the kids, particularly with the focus of making solid reading habits, and so this book caught my eye.

The author shares that his target audience is kids 6-12, and what’s encouraging about a book like this is I think it truly could be used by any child among that broad spectrum. Different kids need different ways to be engaged, and this book is best described as more of a structured journal, and so I think kids that enjoy reading/writing/thinking would thrive with something like this (not to knock on the more activity-based reading plans, those are great for engaging kids too).


Each “Expedition” takes place over a week, 52 in total, and is spread across four pages. You can check this out for yourself with a short sample of the book, here. There is a short explanation of the week’s focus, an opportunity for kids to write some things they want to pray about this week, and then a memory verse. Each day then comes with a short Bible reading, and subsequent question to journal about. Saturday presents the chance to write down a key verse from the week’s reading. Then, on Sunday, the reader is invited to respond to an application question that the readings that week have fed into, before being encouraged to take their journal to church and use it to take notes during their pastor’s sermon. A great idea!

It is simple, but hugely effective, and I’m deliberating how I could use a book like this with kids in my ministry.

You can find it at LifeWay, Christianbook or Amazon (amongst other places)

– Jared Simpson

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