52-Week Bible Story Devotional

If you have read any of my reviews before you will know I am a huge fan of anything “One Big Story”, because it aims to reflect the gospel message throughout all scripture (connecting Christ throughout God’s story, as the cover says). And this was a book I had looked at for a while but always had other things I wanted to check out a little more. Well, I finally got round to picking it up about four months ago and now that summer is winding down have time to go over it.

As with the other products in this series, you can use the Augmented Reality (AR) app to unlock a whole host of extra content, but I won’t dive into that here.

Each weekly devotion is packed with content, presented over four pages across seven sections:

1. Devotion/Story – Each week there is a full page story/devotion, informed by and/or referencing scripture, alongside an accompanying picture. The devotions often present a real-life scenario then leading into a Bible story, with a “Hear It” point driving home the message.
2. Read It – Several scripture references aimed to take the learning/discussion a little further.
3. Watch It – A chance to use the AR app to watch a short video telling the Bible story referenced in the devotion.
4. Christ Connection – This is where the gospel is shown through the light of the story/devotion.
5. Live Big – A way to act in a way that puts faith into action.
6. Big Picture Questions – An opportunity to get a conversation going with your kids, related to the devotion/story.
7. Dear God – A scripted prayer to lead your family in a time of prayer.

As always, the book provides a “Parent Connection” page that contains additional tips for fostering discipleship in the home.

I think for what it is, this would be a very helpful devotion book to use with older preschoolers and younger kids. I think there is more than enough content to provide families the opportunity to sit and have a really solid devotion time together, and with the consistent format could provide great training for your kids in trying to see each Bible story in the light of the gospel.

Pick up a copy at LifeWay, Christianbook or Amazon.

– Jared Simpson



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