God’s Very Good Idea


So, a friend of mine sent me this book a LONG time ago, and it has been sat in my stack for a good while. Ministry gets busy and my time to explore children’s literature seems to be far less than I’d like it to be. I love books, and I think they are a great tool for provoking thoughts and starting conversations in the home, that ultimately are good, Christ-centered dialogues.

Before I talk about this book, I’d encourage you to spend two minutes hearing what the author, Trillia Newbell, says about it.

When I watched that myself, I was sold. And I hadn’t even opened it to read. Our world is getting more and more diverse, and that provides us an opportunity to affirm with our kids that all people are made in God’s image. All people. This book does a great job in supporting that.

So, this book is one of the best illustrated I have looked at. Each page has so much to look at and will help support the narrative in grabbing the reader’s attention. You can see from the share square below, the quality of the artwork.


I love that this book shows off the diversity of God’s creation in people, and talks about the many differences that we have. At the same time, it affirms that we all have something in common. But, it doesn’t use language like that – the writer says “we are also all the same.” In reality, we don’t just have something in common, we have the most important thing in common – being made in God’s image. And as such, we are all the same.

The book sets the scene from creation outlining God’s plan for creation, and people. Following the narrative of Scripture, we then see how people, through sin, ruined it. The artwork again does a great job of supporting this message. All people need forgiveness – a message important for kids and adults to hear. No person needs that more or less than any other.

But, there is hope, Jesus. The way this is presented in the book is awesome, as we see pictures of people prophesying about a coming Messiah, the birth of Jesus, the baptism of Jesus and a miracle of Jesus. There’s a lot kids could talk about just from what they see on that one page alone. As we read about Jesus we see that He loved all people. But we see that all people did not love Him. And as this book tells of Jesus’ death, the gospel is presented, and a challenge set forth for the readers to love people well, until He returns.

The book closes with some time talking about the church, and what a beautiful picture of diversity, rooted in Christ, it presents. The author summarizes the book with four simple sentences, drawing on themes highlighted throughout:

  • God MADE it.
  • People RUINED it.
  • He RESCUED it.
  • He will FINISH it.

I can’t disagree with that.

Find this book at Lifeway, Christian Book or Amazon.

– Jared Simpson

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