God’s Big, Big Church

I was walking through LifeWay last month and this book caught my eye – I flipped to the back and the blurb’s heading read “Church is more than friends and fish crackers!” I was curious. This book was written, for preschoolers, to talk about what church is about. I decided to pick up a copy, and it’s been sat on my desk waiting for me to dive in ever since.

I am a big fan of poetry and rhyme in children’s books. When I was training as a teacher I loved reading to kids. I’m actually trying to work out our volunteer schedule at church so that I can be a storyteller for our preschoolers once a month. There is something amazing about how rhyme can capture the attention and interest of little ones. As you might be able to tell, that is what to expect out of this book.

Now, this fun rhyme does not detract from the theological soundness of the book – preschoolers are told that “God is love” and “He sent us Jesus”. It’s good stuff! The book walks through some key aspects that preschoolers might see in church: Bible teaching, Bible reading, prayer, giving, serving, singing (and dancing). There is also a reference to the universal church, a church far greater than the four walls of a local place of worship. I’ve included a sample page that B&H had on their website below:


The artwork is really nice, and the presentation of each page in this boardbook is eye-catching for sure.

As is expected with a B&H published kids book, there is a “Parent Connection” in the back, providing the opportunity for a short devotion for families. The questions are low-threshold, high-ceiling. By that I mean easily accessible for little ones, but nonetheless older kids could find plenty to talk about in those too.

You can pick this up at LifeWay ($6.29 right now), Christian Book or Amazon.

– Jared Simpson

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