I was really excited when I found out Dorena Williamson (Twitter) had another children’s book coming out in February. I was sure to buy it and add it to my stack of books to read and write about (the stack is still very much a stack… finding time is hard!) I thoroughly enjoyed reading both ThoughtFull and ColorFull – you can read what I thought by clicking either link.

GraceFull continues the narrative (from the two titles previously mentioned) that we should love ALL people, and show compassion. Why? Jesus did. The theme of grace is interwoven throughout, providing an engaging and thought-provoking story to prompt discussion with children as they read or listen. 

This story follows the story of a girl Hope, whose new friend at church is homeless. As the church is spurred to show grace, Hope walks through what it means to live a life filled with a graceful heart towards others. While these stories have a sort of “feel good” factor about them, we can’t just leave it at that. Our kids are surrounded by a diverse range of friends at school, and books like this provide an opportunity for your family to explore some of these situations together. That’s the intention, and that’s why this book, like the majority of B&H’s, contains a “parent connection” on the last page. This provides an opportunity for scripture memory, scripture study and then some questions to ponder over. And, while the book could be shared with younger readers, the questions are written to provoke deeper thought for older kids too. 


I’m really thankful for the ministry that Dorena has through these books – the message of being filled with grace because of the grace God has shown to us is one our kids need to hear, and be challenged by. I write some of my reviews based on books I’ve gotten for free, to review, but this was one I simply had to buy for myself. 

Also, a final note, the artwork in this book is so good! I am big into the watercolor style illustrations and so I loved it. 

Find it at LifeWay (it’s only $7 right now), Christian Book or Amazon.

– Jared Simpson 

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