Little Bible Heroes Storybook

The Little Bible Heroes series shares the work of God through the lives of people in the Bible, with each storybook featuring two heroes and appropriate, short devotion guidance at the conclusion of each story. They are great value for money, and this padded storybook presents a compilation of 16 stories.

Firstly, a padded storybook is a win – and the way this one is set up I think it would be great to read with younger to middle preschoolers. Each Bible story comes with a QR code to scan and pull up a YouTube video of the story which is great for review! The stories are spaced out with large text on well-illustrated pages. I find the cartoon-style graphics really eye catching – the animals are adorable! The book reads very much like you’d expect a storybook to, but there is excellent truth reinforced through each story. The Parent Connection at the close of each chapter shares two Bible verses to consider and a question or two to provoke discussion. It’s short, simple, and very effective!

There are more than just 16 stories to this series, and the double-story books mentioned previously retail for around $4, but you can often find them on sale for less than that. Having said that, I really like this option and the durability of the cover will help a great deal!

You can find it at LifeWay, Christian Book and Amazon.

– Jared

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