A little while back I wrote about ThoughtFull by Dorena Williamson. The book contained a lovely story, that provided an opportunity, through the parent connection, to open up a dialogue with your children about other children with special needs. These are conversations that we need to be having. I went into it a little more in that post, but as a Christian in the Bible belt it can be disheartening to see the attitudes that some claiming to represent our faith, often in the public eye, portray towards people who aren’t like them, even though in Christ, they’re exactly alike.


ColorFull is a previous installment of Dorena’s work, and likewise contains undertones throughout of how God sees all people as loved, cherished and of equal worth – “Every single person is part of God’s grand design!”

The story walks through a conversation between some friends and one of their Grandmothers, exploring the many colors of creation – including those of their own skin. As engaging as the story itself is, the artwork also deserves recognition. Each page is covered with so much to see! The book closes with a Parent Connection page designed to stimulate conversation at home revolving around the color of people’s skin, and again focusing on our call to celebrate God’s creation and love others well. Be ColorFull, not colorblind, as the story suggests.

Pick it up at Lifeway, Christian Book or Amazon.

– Jared

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