The Silent Noisy Night

Those of you that know me will know that even though I taught High School Mathematics, I always felt nostalgic whenever I stepped into a Primary or Elementary school – there’s just a special atmosphere being around younger kids. I’m thankful to get to do ministry with those age of kids now, and Christmas time is always an exciting one. They won’t let you forget that. I saw this book a few weeks ago and wanted it just from reading the cover and blurb. Well, LifeWay had a sale on (and currently still do) where I picked it up for less than $5!

Was it really a silent night?

Have you ever thought about it like that? I mean, we sing “silent night” around this time of year but those of you with small children are surely asking questions and wondering what one of these “silent nights” looks like. That’s without even thinking about the plethora of animals that likely were around Jesus when He was born. Jill Roman Lord brings those uncertainties to light with The Silent Noisy Night.

In my opinion, this book is ideal to read with preschoolers or younger elementary students. Lots of fun animal sounds to make, with plenty of incredible illustrations to look at together. This, too, would be a great read for elementary kids desiring to read independently.

I am a huge fan of the vision of B & H Publishers with their belief that every word matters. You see that in their content – as much as possible seizing the opportunity to share a greater story. The story of what Jesus Christ offered us, and our call to share that with others.

The Noisy Night!

I loved this book so much, I purchased five and am running a giveaway with my church. Highly recommended.

Purchase at LifeWay, Christian Book or Amazon.

– Jared

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