So if I am honest the blog has taken a backseat over the last few months – summer is always a busy time on the ChilMin calendar, during which our church’s pastor also left, and so it has been busy. I have also been working on a project I referenced in a previous post for LifeWay, and so most of my “spare” time is getting devoted to that. As a result, most of my postings have been limited to product reviews, which even those I have gotten behind on! I have a list of about 5 books I want to share with you guys and every time I get one done another book or two crops up that grabs my attention! I know neither me nor Dave want this to become a platform for purely product reviews, although this has been helpful for me to refer families to, but the season we are both in is leaning more towards that. My project is due by October 1st and so my time will free up for more articles aimed at parents!

Anyhow, this book is one of the books B&H sent to me for an honest review – now my reviews are mostly always very positive, and I think that is a reasonable reflection of the quality and standard B&H holds themselves to. I read this book and immediately sent a message to a friend, telling her that she’d love it, and honestly it made me want to pick up previous writings by this author. Watch the video below and you’ll likely be convinced before I even start to share my thoughts.

ThoughtFull is a follow-up book from ColorFull – both by author Dorena Williamson. Now, both of these books are written in an excellent manner aiming to bring to the surface some crucial conversations that edify the body of Christ. You don’t have to look too far to see a plethora of issues, within the church, of arrogance and ego – be it stimulated by skin color, political allegiance, or something else. It is our job, as part of that body, to guide kids towards a Christ-centred, unifying approach that both of these books nail – we are all made in the image of God. We may be different from one another, but our worth is unchanging. Kids need to know that. Desperately.

As a former teacher I saw daily kids interacting with one another, and you do see that friends with special needs are often pushed aside by their peers. That problem isn’t limited to children, by the way. This book would be a great avenue to explore this with your children, if they haven’t yet encountered friends with special needs at school or if they are beginning to experience an increased awareness of a classmate now.

As I was reading the book, there were several “YES!” moments (I’m not a native of the south so “Amen!” isn’t an intrinsic response) where the author hit home some really great spiritual truths that little minds need to grab hold of. Here’s one:

If we only spend time around people who are like us, we miss out on discovering the unique things about people who are different from us. The truth is, we’re all gifted by God’s design.

I loved it. I loved the truth interwoven into the story, I loved the artwork/illustration throughout (done by a Scotsman!) I think this would be a great addition to any church or home. In fact, in keeping with many of B&H’s other books, the back page is a “Parent Connection” that provides a devotion for families to do after reading the book, with points to consider and questions to ask!

And now I want to go and pick up ColorFull!


I was at LifeWay on Monday and it was on sale. Check out their website here and Amazon to buy.

– Jared Simpson

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