TBPI Bible Stories in 5 Minutes

You’ll know that I am a huge fan of The Big Picture Interactive series of books tied in with LifeWay’s Gospel Project for kids curriculum. I’ve written about their Interactive Bible Storybook and Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers having loved both of these books. I’ve had others I wanted to share with you guys but hadn’t gotten around to it yet, however in the midst of summer busyness I wanted to write about this one. Mainly because right now you can pick it up for free!

I’ve talked a lot about the interactive elements of these books in the posts highlighted above, so I’m not going to highlight those this time, I want to focus more on the physical and spiritual elements this offering brings to the table.

Firstly, the book itself is rather large – which to my mind allows for one of it’s greatest strengths (to be highlighted shortly). The covering is made of a firm, card-backed foam that will certainly stand the test of time in any home – and it’s plastic covering makes it wipeable too! The design and artwork on the cover definitely makes it look appealing. The pages themselves are a thicker paper so it’s not something you’d want to leave a toddler alone with.

This book contains 12 Bible Stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Each story is prefaced by a full-page artwork with the story title, scripture reference and a summary of the story. These pages are also the link to the interactive elements. Turn the page and you encounter the stories. The first one, 16 pages in length, sees giant pictures accompanied by a large-sized font. The artwork is my absolute favorite because I feel they would be great for capturing the attention of young readers.

The use of language and grammar would make it appropriate for an older preschool listener, with the Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers previously mentioned (which LifeWay recommends for ages 0-4) far more appropriate for those younger. It would be a great book for kids in 1st or 2nd grade as they are grasping reading to walk through with you, and older kids could independently read this on their own – perhaps even to younger siblings!

This book draws on the sound scriptural narrative of the Gospel Project as well as utilizing the same artwork styles – so it is a good fit for kids at our church that are very used to this type of writing and illustration. As always, there is a “Parent Connection” to help guide parents as they disciple their kids.

The good news – you can get this for FREE at LifeWay stores through July 14th with the code below. If you’re unsure where you’re nearest one is check here.


Alternatively, if you miss the giveaway, find it at LifeWay’s website here.

– Jared Simpson

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