CSB Worldview Study Bible- Dave’s Take

The CSB Worldview Study Bible is phenomenal.  Starting with it’s aesthetics, it is a beautiful dark blue with silvered pages. It conveniently contains two bookmarks and the font is a great size for reading.  There is a table of contents for both the books of the Bible and the numerous amazing articles written by Christian scholars.

Getting into the content it is packed with goodies.  Before you get far you are already hitting articles on the importance of a Christian worldview, biblical inspiration and inerrancy, and ways to share Jesus with a non-Christian.  These articles keep coming as you read along in the Word.  Many boldly take on some hot button topics of our time.  Whether you always agree with the authors or not, these articles will cause you to think deeply and contemplate the amazing nature of God, His ways, and His Word.

On top of the articles this Bible contains fantastic introductions to each book of the Bible. These include helpful timelines as well as these three important ‘Christian Worldview Elements’: Teachings about God, Teachings about Humanity, and Teachings about Salvation.  As you get into your reading you will find cross references nicely placed in the middle column, and great study notes on the bottom of the pages.  This Bible also contains a concordance as well as some beautiful and informative maps.

I absolutely love this Bible.  Congrats and thank you to all who helped put it together.  It is a great blessing and I hope to use it for years to come.  I highly recommend this Bible for everyone, from seasoned Christians to seekers.

-Dave Zablocki

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