Cornerstones (part 2)

Last month I reviewed this book based on a PDF sample I had received, and now I have the full copy and am excited to expand a little more on what I think.

PAVBEbcC_400x400Author Brian Dembowczyk is the Managing Editor of LifeWay’s Gospel Project curriculum – which we use with our kids from birth to 4th grade. He has also authored a great book called Gospel-Centered Kids Ministry which I’d thoroughly recommend for ministry leaders at it’s $7 price.

The book’s cover sets the tone for the content inside. A tree, growing out of the Bible, with the text “Questions & Answers to Learn Truth”. This book is a combination of questions exploring various areas of our faith alongside answers as interpreted, or better revealed, through scripture. When talking with colleagues about this book several have compared the approach to the notion of learning catechisms. In fact, one parent had said that he had just started going through an app with an equivalent of just that, and so I showed him my copy of Cornerstones and it was exactly what he had been looking for. He said his kids had enjoyed memorizing content from the app – and we see that regularly with how they engage with scripture memory activities. Whilst I wouldn’t encourage you to drop scripture memory in favor of this, it could run alongside your devotion time, or replace it during more hectic seasons of life, very well by getting a conversation started.

The well-illustrated book is split into numerous sections covering core understandings of God, creation, sin, Jesus, salvation, the Bible, discipleship, the church and the “Last Things”. It’s a book that is presented in a way that would be fun for kids to look at.

Literally after I finished that sentence a mom arrived up at the church to do some admin for our MOPS group, but, as it’s summer, had her kids alongside her too. I took the book and showed it to a 4th grade boy and a 2nd grade girl and asked them what they thought. They said:

  • The front cover looks fun and inviting
  • The font on the pages is a good size, “maybe even a Kindergartener could read it.”
  • The pictures look really nice
  • They liked the “weird” designs – they assured me they meant these were fun and different
  • They liked how each topic had its own color scheme
  • They both agreed they would love to have a book just like that!

So, to continue my own thoughts, I want to again share what I touched on in my preview article: this book isn’t made to train your kids to recite and lean on facts, it’s meant to help shape their view of who God is, what He has done, what we did wrong, how Jesus is the answer and how He has called us to live. A tool that could be used well to help fulfill the callings on parents of Deuteronomy 6.


At present it’s less than $14 at LifeWay – a small price for the conversations such a tool can start. There is also a parent guide available, although I haven’t delved into that yet myself. However, if the opening part of this book, directed at parents/disciplers, is anything to go by then I would imagine it would be a worthy addition to your book collection too!

Find out more on both books here.

– Jared Simpson

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