CSB Worldview Study Bible – Jared’s Take


I don’t know where to start, I was hugely excited to receive this Bible for many reasons! For the last few months I have switched my personal reading from my old ESV study Bible to the CSB Kids Bible, and loved it! So, when I saw there was a “Worldview” study Bible coming out I started to get really excited.

Myself and Dave wrote a kids curriculum focussed on having a Biblical worldview, with each session exploring a different aspect of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (found here). We felt led to do this because our world is pulling in the opposite direction on so many things and so wanted to challenge our kids with some deeper, sound theology that would give them roots in scripture, helping them counter what the world was trying to teach them. So, naturally I was curious when a study bible that branded itself as being of “worldview” was to be released. Perhaps even more curious, and excited, when I explored the contributors, here are a few:

  • David S. Dockery, President, Trinity International University/Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Trevin Wax, Bible and Reference Publisher, LifeWay/B&H Publishers
  • Russell D. Moore, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

There is an extensive list for viewing here, comprising of many leading scholars and authors, with Timothy Paul Jones, author of Family Ministry Field Guide, also among them. So, it’s fair to say I trust the direction of the supporting writing to the scriptures in this study Bible.

As per your usual study Bible each double-page spread has analysis of themes, history, cross reference explanations and further insight offered on select verses. From what I have read so far, this has been sound, and hugely insightful. I have enjoyed using my previous ESV study Bible, and my choice of Bible commentary to compliment my scripture readings, and so find this an invaluable tool as I read, as it pushes me further and challenges me to have a greater grasp of the intention of God’s Word for my life. Although, I will say that this study Bible offers this in significantly less frequency than my ESV study Bible – perhaps to make way for the below-mentioned inserts.

However, where this Bible differs from your standard study Bible is in the multi-page articles that are expertly interwoven, over 130 of them, amongst the scriptures to explain and unpack core biblical worldview concepts, by experts in that field, in a manner that somebody without a masters degree can comprehend (i.e. me!) Some of these have a historical focus, others on ethics, and more still on applications for us as we move in our own walks. I feel like the articles could form an excellent book in themselves, such is the quality. It is worth noting that having only recently received the Bible I haven’t read a great deal of these articles in depth, yet.

As with any study Bible you would expect an introduction for each book, with in-depth insight, perhaps with a timeline. You get it here, but again in a clear and easy to understand way. Each book is introduced with a focus on the author and background of that era in history, the structure of the book and manner in which it contributes to God’s Word. Furthermore, the worldview element is presented clearly by specific comments on the books contributions to three core fields:

  • Teachings about God
  • Teachings about Humanity
  • Teachings about Salvation

If there are three elements of scripture you are looking for insight on surely those would be the three you’d pick. Man, our fall and God’s plan of redemption.

If you want to explore this a little for yourself, I’d highly recommend you downloading the free sample that B&H have made available here. Perhaps some of what I said doesn’t make total sense a viewing of that PDF will answer any questions you may have.


Also, I absolutely love the Blue leather/silver combination – it looks really good, and surprisingly for a study Bible isn’t as heavy as I expected. My previous one required a music stand to use effectively for teaching without worrying about a severe hand injury – this one seems light enough that I could teach out of it, although I haven’t tried so yet.

Overall, I love it, and expect to use this for years to come. I would highly recommend this for anyone that is thinking about it – well worth the investment. It could be a great tool for a young man or women, possibly high-school age, looking to really own their faith and shape their outlook on life on what God says.

Whilst the Bible is not yet released, you can pre-buy it at LifeWay here or Amazon here. My copy was the mid-range blue version, but there are cheaper and more expensive versions, meaning that you can get this study Bible for under $35 if you go for this one.

– Jared Simpson

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