Great & Small Bible – Dave’s Take

The Great & Small CSB Bible, published by B&H, makes for a fantastic gift for new parents. As a Children’s Pastor, we often give out Toddler Bibles as a church. But as my friend Jared pointed out recently, so many people are giving out Toddler Bibles, that it could easily become just another one on a shelf. With that being said, I believe the Great & Small Bible can be a fantastic alternative.


It has many features that make it a great gift for Christian parents of newborns. First of all, it has beautiful art of animals that can be enjoyed by children for years to come. The art also has pertinent Bible verses for young children on the pages. Next, it is a great size, and comes in a nice box, making it excellent for gifting at a child’s dedication ceremony or baby shower. However, what I feel is the most important feature, are its places to document key events in the child’s life. Many of us, after growing older, were able to look back on our baby books. There is just something special about being told by our parents about the day we were born, our first steps, and our first words. It becomes even more powerful seeing these things written down in our parent’s handwriting. It shows how much they cared. It was an act of love.

Amongst the beautiful pictures, and spread out across the pages, the Great & Small Bible has spots to document amazing things such as:

  • We chose to name you…because…
  • You arrived at this time…on this day…
  • Birth height, weight, hair
  • When we first saw you we thought…
  • Names of relatives and pets
  • First smile, first tooth, first walked
  • On your first Easter we…
  • And much more!

However, I feel that they saved the best for last. In the last pages dedicated to writings, titled ‘You are small, but we know you have a great future!’, these beautiful gems are found:

  • These are our greatest hopes for you…
  • Our precious child, this is our prayer for you…
  • We chose this Bible verse for you…

So it documents the important classics such as height, weight, first steps and more, but then it gets even deeper with spaces for heart- warming messages. How amazing to write in your child’s Bible that your greatest hope is that they grow up to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ! How wonderful to share your prayer that he or she lives for Jesus with all of their heart! How cool to explain what verse you picked for them and why!


I recommend this Bible very highly as a unique gift option for Christian parents of newborns. If I had to add anything to future editions, I would say to add helpful truths for kids who are in the early stages of learning about the faith. This could include the gospel message in the intro, along with a basic description of the church, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, prayer, and discipleship.

This Bible is very likely going to be cherished by the children who receive it for years to come!

– Dave Zablocki

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