God’s Book of Proverbs

I was recently mailed a copy of this book and was wondering about how it could be most useful for families – it’s not a kid’s book, nor is it designed with parents in mind – but it does contain God’s Word, and so the application is still absolutely there.

I recently rounded up teaching a New Believer’s Class at our church and finished with pointing parents to God’s calling on their lives found in Deuteronomy 6. Now, there are many ways we can go about fulfilling our duties to nurture our kids in their understanding of Jesus – but a simple part of that is through using everyday teachable moments. When you see a beautiful bird, an ambulance, a kid at the park hurt or something else, all of those moments can be used to teach your kids something about our God and His great love for us. He made everything, He wants us to pray for others, He wants us to help others and so on. Devotions don’t have to be hard, they can be born out of a single moment.


That is why I like this book, all of the book of proverbs arranged, by category or theme, in a way that makes finding relevant scriptures a whole bunch easier. Let me get this clear – your copy of God’s Word is number one and ought always be the book you open the most, but, the structure of this book can be of benefit if used alongside your current Bible reading, not instead of. In fact, when I first received it that was one of my main concerns, that it could be taken as more of a “self-help” book and leaned on in the way that the Bible was intended to. Yes, it contains CSB scripture word-for-word that a copy of the Bible would, but we can’t just seek wisdom without seeking the One who provides it. And in fact, the foreword to the book (by Trevin Wax, General Manager of LifeWay’s Gospel Project) emphasizes exactly that – wisdom in itself will not save us.

So, I think this book could be great for parents, teachers and anyone who regularly spends time with kids. Why?

  • When they fight – look at some proverbs on anger or conflict
  • When they lie – look at some proverbs on deception or speech
  • When they’re selfish – look up some proverbs on greed

You can see how this would work with teachable moments, right? When your kids are dishonest at the grocery store in the morning about who knocked over that giant tower of fruit that was so neatly assembled, go home and look up some of what God says on Honesty. So often I find myself googling “verses on…” when I’m looking for some guidance on a specific behavior – this book is for exactly that.

The book itself is small enough to leave out on a coffee table or keep in a purse, and the overall design is rather nice too!

So, whether you study a proverb a day or use this book as and when needed, for the price I think it could be a good tool in the home. Get it at LifeWay or Christian Book for less than $10.

– Jared Simpson

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