Firstly, this post is our 50th! Myself and Dave are hugely excited about this as we seek to try and stimulate conversations at home between parents and kids as well as between ministry leaders. We both firmly believe that the gospel should be the center of ministry – and indeed parenting practices.


This book by Brian Dembowczyk, the main man over LifeWay’s Gospel Project curriculum, focuses in on how the destination matters, but so does the journey. 200 questions and answers, infused with scripture, focus on core principles that kids should understand about our God.


It’s smaller size means it wouldn’t look out of place kept at the dinner table – or in the glove-box – ready to grab at a moment’s notice. It provides such an easy conversation starter for families. Ask your kids one of these questions over dinner and see if they know the answer, but more than that, can they explain why they know that answer to be true or why they believe that? Simple tools like this can be so powerful.


Perhaps consider giving your kids a number of questions to memorize the answers for each week, with older children getting more challenging questions, or just more! Test them, use teachable moments to bring up some of the truths that they should’ve learned through reading this book. I’m not a huge fan of having books in the bathroom – but if you are this would be a great one!


The purpose of this text isn’t to train your kids to reel of a bunch of facts, but to supplement their studies at home and church with a solid understanding of who God is and His good purpose for us. As you point your kids towards Jesus as the answer for our rebellion the content of the book will help your kids know more of the Savior you are sharing with them.

At present it’s less than $12 at LifeWay – a small price for the conversations such a tool can start.

– Jared Simpson

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