Great & Small Bible – Jared’s Take

I wrote here on the Kids CSB Bible that B&H had recently published, so I won’t go into the background on the CSB in this post, but solely focus on the product itself.

The Great & Small Bible describes itself as the perfect gift to welcome babies and I can’t disagree. Having been brought up outside of the Bible Belt my experiences may have been different, but I know that here when a child is born, or later dedicated, families receive gifts from the church and loved ones that are spiritually-minded. It may be a Bible storybook or parenting book but couples frequently receive something. Now, there is a lot out there that claims to be perfect for this sort of occasion, you just have to look online or go to your local bookstore to see this, but I believe this would be a great gift for families and their new additions.

Our church, at our last family dedication, gave a copy of The Disciple-Making Parent (Chap Bettis) as a gift based on the notion that the young child had most likely already received various gifts of storybooks and we wanted to help equip the parents for the road ahead – but if your church traditionally gives a “first Bible” I think this would be a great option.


One thing that needs to be pointed out are the illustrations – they’re adorable and continue throughout, complimenting the highlighted scriptures along the way.


I mean seriously how cute are these.

I know when I was born my parents had a sort of baby book that detailed a whole bunch about me – what I liked to eat, which toys I played with etc. This Bible has several pages built with that in mind scattered throughout to build a picture of what your child’s journey was like. Things like:

  • How the parents told others they were expecting
  • Why the child was given their particular name
  • When they were born
  • Who visited them first
  • Who their first friends were
  • How they spent their first holidays
  • The parents hopes for their child
  • A chosen verse for the baby

That is just scratching the surface – there is also a beautiful piece by a 19th century poet! I love the idea of parents filling out the questions and praying over their child with this Bible and one day sitting down with them and looking through it – how powerful a testimony that could be!

The Bible is a full-text CSB Bible and so isn’t one you would use for bed-time stories, but I believe it was fully designed that way for use as described previously – a chance to record memories and begin the journey of faithfully leading your child towards their Savior, Jesus.

I think this would make a great gift for churches to give, grandparents to give or indeed anyone who is looking for something special to give a family who is bringing a new life into the world.

– Jared Simpson

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