Bible App for Kids

BAFK-logoThe Bible App for Kids offered by Life.Church is amazing. It is developed by YouVersion, in partnership with OneHope, and it is super interactive and engaging. For each digital page of their stories there are animations that your child can trigger by touching the person, animal, or landform. Young kids have a blast as they make an elephant blow it’s trunk or cause people to move about the screen.

Bible App For Kids

The combination of Bible teaching, through narration,  and the interactive elements, makes Bible study super engaging and enjoyable for children. I would say the only challenge would be keeping your kids focused on the message of the story as opposed to getting too distracted by the animations. But, with redirections by parents when needed, it works great and can even be a good Bible for your kids to enjoy in the car.


Another feature that is fun are the activities. The stories include activities, such as matching games, to help test their knowledge of the story. They are also asked a question at the end of each story that an be used to test understanding. A toddler would obviously need help with these questions.  One last cool thing is that kids collect things that pop up on the screen. These lead to various rewards.

This app is free and totally worth checking out on your phone or tablet’s app store. It is especially useful for younger kids but your older kids may wind up enjoying it also.  I know I love it, and I’m getting old 🙂!

– Dave Zablocki

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