So You’re a Christian… What Now? 100 Devotions for Boys & Girls

Pastor Dave is going to be talking next week about the importance of churches running a “New Believer’s Class” in a blog post coming your way soon and so I wanted to review something that I intend to use next time I run the class, but is also something that parents could go pick up for their kids and use anytime.

So You’re A Christian… What Now? is in a sense part of a collective series with several elements to it – there are curriculum packages (I’m a Christian Now!) aimed at guiding kids through salvation, baptism and other important subjects and several devotion books. Some of these are generic such as I’m a Christian… Now What? – two 90 days devotion journals for kids and then the pair I’m reviewing today.

Now, I love the 90 day devotion journals, and think for your younger elementary kids they are very fitting – activity-based devotions designed to engage their young minds are exactly what works at that age. But for those kids who are a little older and able to read and think more independently these devotion books are great!

The books are aimed at Children who have made the decision to invite Jesus to be the Boss/Lord of their life – the introduction specifically says this, and so I would recommend that you use them in this manner.

Each devotion is set over a double page with the left-hand side giving a key theme/title, scripture reading reference (anywhere from 2 to 40 verses, most lying on the shorter side) and two paragraphs of devotion writing. The structure is this: read the first paragraph, read the scripture and then read the second paragraph – the idea is that the opening paragraph begins to get their minds thinking, and alerts them as to what they may be looking for, with the closing paragraph driving the point home. The right-hand side takes the form of a simply-decorated journal page, with one key question relating to the devotion at the top.

This set up is simple but powerful – the consistency of the presentation and devotion structure seemingly providing opportunity for success in keeping a regular devotion time. Imagine the power of father and son or mother and daughter sitting down to talk through the things that your child has been learning about God through this book.

As for differences in the boys and girls options – there are several. On a design standpoint the font packages differ as does the artwork used throughout on the journal pages. The 100 days themselves differ greatly between the two books, with the writing and content geared to what each gender would be receptive to and likely to be feeling at that stage in their development.

LifeWay Store Devo

LifeWay has both the paper and digital copies on their website – if your child has an eReader and is partial to reading in that manner perhaps that and a gift of a notebook would work well.

I like these products and believe they could be a great stepping stone in helping your child explore more of God in an independent manner.

– Jared Simpson

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