Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary For Kids

I absolutely love this resource! How many of you have kids either in your home or ministry that are thirsty for God’s truth, inquisitive and always want to know more? You want them to be autonomous and have the freedom to delve independently into God’s truths but often are hindered by a lack of quality resources, feeling as if you have to be the one who answers their questions because you have nothing else to direct them to.

That has now changed. Absolutely, we want our kids to come and ask us questions, but this resource can be a game changer when it comes to your child following their curiosity as they desire to know more about our Creator. This book is aimed at children ages 5-10 but I recommended this to our families for “Elementary Readers”. Over 750 Biblical words fully explained. Be it places, concepts, people or otherwise more than two-thirds of these are accompanied by full-color pictures.

This can be such a good tool for use at both church and home and is available at LifeWay and Amazon.

– Jared Simpson

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