The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers

If you know me, you’ll know that I am a big (pun absolutely intended) fan of The Big Picture Interactive (TBPI) series – I wrote about my favorite feature here. The combination of great artwork, technological elements and focus on Christ is a win for this series and this new book is no different!

You will have guessed by the title that this padded book is a great one to read aloud to you nought to threes, although I’d probably say by then your older ones may be on the verge of being able to handle something a little more. Each double-page contains a story of about six lines in large enough font for little ones to see (and follow you finger along). a full page illustration complete with Augmented Reality icon and a “Big Picture Question” and “Big Picture Answer”.

Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers int sample

I want to dive into the literary content first – the stories themselves. This Bible storybook contains some of the big ones – stories your little one is likely to have heard from a young age – “David Fought Goliath”, “The Ten Commandments” and “Jesus and Lazarus” but to name a few of the 20 stories portrayed on thick cardboard pages. The stories are presented using clean, crisp fonts and present the heart of the scripture in a clean and concise way, with a reference to the scripture being summarized given too. This would be perfect for a quick five minute story time before bed!

Another element of the book is the imagery – now we use The Gospel Project for our preschool and younger elementary kids and so I have always loved how the imagery is consistent across that and the imagery kids are seeing in church and on take home activities. The artwork is simple and fun, yet looks so good!

One of the things I have always loved about TBPI series is the focus on Christ. Each of the literature for older children I have looked at in this series features a summary of a key point from the story and how that relates to Christ. This is a little different, with the “Big Picture Question” aiming to reveal something about who God is from the story or our state as fallen people – with the gospel being clearly sewn into these questions throughout the book as sin is highlighted as an enemy, and Jesus said to be the only way to be saved. So whilst it takes a different stance to older books, the age appropriate way in which the gospel is presented throughout is good!

Now, my favorite part about these books is always the Augmented Reality element – I’ve said it before that these books are worth their price without this, but this takes it to the next level. The video below is for another book in the series, but it uses the same app and works in the same way. Check it out – it truly is incredible!

So, you can see that the story itself actually comes to life, with narration, in a way that blows my mind – I love TBPI series so much because of this! You can see below a screenshot from my phone of what it looked like for me.


So, there you have it! My thoughts on another addition to the excellent TBPI collection! I’d encourage parents to get it and use it for you 0-2s, and if you have a 3 year-old pick it up and have a look, but I think you’ll still find use for it!

Find it at your local Christian bookstore or online at Amazon or LifeWay (where at the time I posted this review it was only $5 – a steal!)

– Jared Simpson


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