My Little Words Devotional

Published in the last quarter of 2017, My Little Words Devotional is a brilliant, padded book with chunky pages designed with your little one in mind. Toddlers can look through some beautiful illustrations by Holli Conger while you read to them core biblical themes that are so well-written by Michelle Prater Burke.

This book aims at helping kids “discover 19 little words from God’s Word” and is a great tool for spending precious time shaping the views of your little one as they look at the pictures and hear you talk about each word. There is also a short, one-line prayer for each devotion that introduces your toddlers to praying in a simple and easy way, so much so that older preschoolers could repeat the prayer back to you.

The book also closes with an encouragement to parents, questions to ask your little one and some ideas of things to do together.

A great, affordable tool that I’d encourage you to pick-up today! You can find it at LifeWay and Amazon.

– Jared Simpson

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