The American Dream: Part One

Edgar always believed that his son Jack would do great things one day.  From a young age he saw that his son was gifted, both intellectually and athletically.  At age three, Jack Jack, as he called him back then, was whipping a football across the room with amazing velocity and accuracy.  In the world of reading, at age five, Jack was flying through some pretty challenging books like it was nothing.

The signs were always there, so when Jack made honor roll semester after semester and took on the roll of starting quarterback in high school, Edgar wasn’t surprised.  Dad was always so supportive.  He even wore face paint to a few games.  Edgar thought it was awesome…Jack, not so much.  But deep down Jack always did feel and appreciate the support from dad.

When Jack got the letter from university with a scholarship offer to play starting quarterback, Edgar got so excited he started spinning Jack in circles like it was the good old Jack Jack days.  And then they both fell over super awkwardly.  It was hilarious, but a little scary too, as an injury would have ruined everything.  But no one was hurt and they lay there on the ground belly laughing uncontrollably for what seemed like hours.  Edgar was always Jack’s biggest fan.

Jack had a decent amount of success as a college quarterback but never got a call on draft day.  He had no worries.  He had plans to use his smarts if football fell through, and he became an architect.  He made a fortune in the industry.

One night, at a work function by the lake, he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  He summoned the guts to talk to her and even asked her to go out for coffee sometime.  She said…maybe.  She liked him but wanted to mess with him.  Knowing he played college football, she said, ‘Only if you can find a football and throw it across this lake.’  It was a short distance.  That is how he knew she liked him.  So he ran to the store to buy a football.  That is how she knew he liked her.

A year and a half later they were married.  Edgar was in the front row with tears of joy streaming down his face.  He sat there excited about little Jack Jack being all grown up but also kind of sad it all happened so fast.  Jack and his wife Marta were happily married for fifty years and had three beautiful children.  They did super well financially and had a fantastic house on the lake.  Edgar loved visiting and was always so proud of Jack Jack.

It was a sad day for Jack when Edgar passed.  He remembered all of the support and the warm memories.  His favorite was when dad had spun him around until they both fell when he got the letter from university.  Jack spoke about it at the funeral.  Jack would go on to live a long life and loved his wife and kids well the whole time until he passed away.

Edgar never gave his life to Christ and neither did Jack.

– Dave Zablocki


How should we respond? Part two comes tomorrow.



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