Passing on the Faith

In Deuteronomy 6 God commands His Chosen People to love Him with all of their heart, soul, and might (6:5).  In other words, God is saying, “Give me your everything!  Give me all your love, all your faith, all your passion, and all of your strength!”  God then teaches them that this love is expressed by keeping His words, His truths, and His commands on their hearts (6:6).  What follows is an exciting but overwhelming challenge commanded to parents- pass these truths on to your children (6:7).


Your most important role as a parent is to train them up in the faith.  There is nothing that comes close to this responsibility.

Successes in this world are great,  but an eternal relationship with the Savior matters so much more!  We are talking about teaching our kids what true life is and Whom they are to live for- the Lord Jesus Christ!

Seek to pass on the faith diligently but do not carry all the weight on your shoulders, for it is ultimately God who softens the heart and saves our children.  Trust God with the process and be constantly in prayer.

What should all of this look like? We are to have a burning passion for God and we are to share it all day long!  Deuteronomy 6:7 says to ‘teach [His commands] diligently to your children,’ then the verse explains when we should do this.  All the time!

Put into our modern context, this verse commands us to teach our kids about God when we are sitting on the couch, when we are driving them to practice or school, at bedtime, and when they wake up.  God’s Word is to be ever before them (6:8-9) because at the end of their life, when they stand before the Lord, their relationship with Jesus will be what matters most.  Nothing else comes close.

Thankfully God is with us throughout the process of parenting!  So when you are at a loss for how to love and teach your kids, just think about how Jesus loved and taught His disciples, and how He loves and teaches you.  Patiently guide your children and pray for them at all times, especially in the rough seasons.

You can honor our great God and bless your wonderful children by keeping His command to lovingly and diligently pass on your faith.  And remember, you are not alone.  Your church family is there to partner with you, and more importantly, God is with you too!

-If you liked this article then get ready for our four-part weekly installment Why We Don’t Live Out Deuteronomy 6 beginning tomorrow.

This article was originally written for the 24/7 faith series at Normandale by Dave Zablocki and has been adapted for this post by Jared ‘The Englishman’ Simpson.


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