The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook

If you head down to your local Christian bookstore you’re likely to see tens of different Bibles and storybooks claiming to be the right fit for your family. Whilst I believe that the editors have poured many hours of work and prayer into these books it is clear that some are better than others – so how do you decide which Bible is right for your children?

There are several things that ought to be considered even from just a developmental perspective, but the series I am reviewing today offers several age-appropriate options for preschoolers and up – B & H’s The Big Picture Interactive (TBPI) series has you covered whatever the age of your children.

There are four main Bibles/storybooks in this series:

  1. TBPI Bible Stories for Toddlers
  2. TBPI Bible Storybook
  3. It’s all about JESUS Bible Storybook
  4. TBPI Bible


I’m going to focus mostly on the second option, the book I have the most experience using.

When I first came across this I was amazed. I opened up the book when browsing through our local bookstore and immediately headed to the cashier to buy it. It’s that good.

Our church has for many years used the Gospel Project curriculum for our Sunday activities and so this Bible aligned with that in the artwork, storytelling approaches and focus on relating the gospel to every story.

Each double-page spread contains a giant picture of the story and a page summation paraphrasing the Biblical event. Towards the bottom of each page are questions for you to discuss as a family, pointing your kids to Jesus’ death on the cross. It’s brilliant.

But, this is where the Bible sets itself apart. The “Interactive” element of the name is truly ground-breaking. Download the companion app and open it up – use your smartphones camera to hover over the image page in the bible and it becomes a 3-dimensional pop-up on your screen, with the story narrated as you watch. What an amazing way to use technology and engage your children! Several of the stories also have QR codes that can be scanned for bonus story content. See the video below for a preview of what I’m talking about.

This Bible is brilliant, and in most cases you can find it for less than $10 within minutes. It’s a steal at that price. Not only is this whole series available in a Spanish translation but there are also mini-book devotions, a 52-week devotion series and many other products built to compliment these Bibles.


Stay tuned for a more in depth look at the other options in this series at a later date.

Shop for the Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook on Amazon or LifeWay.

– Jared Simpson

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